Road Safety & Helmets are inseparable | Saphire Honda Two Wheelers

A Helmet Can Save Your Life!

A helmet everyday keeps death away! As silly as it may sound, the fact is, that it is TRUE. In reality, most people irrespective of which country, race or religion you might be from, tend to ignore self-protection on the road. The lack of use of the simple helmet is the leading cause of deaths in most countries each day. Thinking about it maybe simple but actually wearing it is perhaps not. We at Saphire Honda, the leading distributors and flagship retailer agency for honda bikes in Bangalore understand the importance of helmet in road safety and hence we are attempting to highlight and educate you about the events and the life safety measures that could safeguard lives just through the simple use of a helmet. Here are some interesting questions and answers that could help you see the light of this undeniable correct argument.

Why only save the head?

This is most often the correct question that why do we protect only the head? When on a motorbike the entire body is exposed to danger but what springs the main of content of life into the body and is an all-important feature of the open body structure is the head. Most times when people mess with an accident they tend to protect their limbs from damage. Yes, they do sometimes try protecting the head too but what really needs fully encompassed protection from the smallest damage is the head. Any injury of the head can result in life altering damages to the nervous system or the basic and essential life functions of the body. Retrospect not like the limbs aren’t important but any orthopedic damage will definitely not be as life threatening against any cerebral damage in the spine originating from the brain.

Why wear Helmet at all times?

Some of us don’t think it’s important to wear the helmet when we are travelling only a 100-200 metres on the motorbike. But, here the point of wearing the helmet is clearly missed. We need to wear the helmet to protect us for the smallest fall off the bike, the smallest push or nudge from a neighbouring bike or car or any sort of external push. Do you guarantee that in your shortest possible fall of 100 metres off the bike you will suddenly not get hit by a car rushing out from its home garage or maybe the peddling cyclist in your small home gully will not run into you and you will not suffer a fall?

These are the two important aspects of daily helmet wearing that we at Saphire Honda wanted to illuminate you about and are clarified here. Hope this helps and motivates you to wear the helmet and make your loved ones wear it even if they are riding pillion, sitting behind you on the bike. Just because they are sitting behind you doesn’t mean that they may not face the same or even more impact in case of an accident, so buy two, safe and quality helmets now!

Road Safety & Helmets are inseparable | Saphire Honda Two Wheelers
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