Owning a  two-wheeler is a unique experience. It brings a whole lot of joy and excitement to any individual. That’s why it is undoubtedly the most common vehicle that every Indian household owns.

But Do you know how important it is to get your two wheeler serviced?

 As important as a regular body checkup. As important as fueling your vehicle for uninterrupted trips. Your machine needs proper care to last long and perform as per your expectations.

 Servicing your two-wheeler should be done on a regular basis. Any delay in servicing will lead to the degradation of the quality of your vehicle parts.  Even the pollution control board mentions that, in order to maintain the Emission level, your two-wheeler needs to be serviced after every 3000 km. You do not want to push it to the point that you have to end up pushing your vehicle to the local garage and giving in to the demands of the garage owners.

Regular servicing is key to getting the best out of your vehicle. 

A two wheeler service involves checking the health of components and bringing them back to top condition through replacement or repair.

A well maintained vehicle serves the owner well all throughout its life and is  reliable and dependable.

A 3000 km interval is recommended to  perform a periodic service. While the chain, air filter, electricals, and engine oil are taken care of on every service, parts like sprockets, brake pads, bearings, and brake shoes are dealt with after a considerable time period.

Here is the list of benefits that you get for servicing your two wheeler from time to time : 

  1. Longer Lifespan: A two wheeler service involves lubricating engine & other parts, Checking or replacing engine oil, checking or replacing air filters, which makes them function normally and reduces unnecessary stress. These are very crucial in enhancing the lifespan of your two wheeler.
  2. Smoother ride  – A properly serviced bike feels mechanically right and improves the rider’s confidence on the move. Servicing involves keeping the vehicle clean, checking your tire pressure, ensuring the gears and breaks are properly adjusted. This gives you a  smoother riding experience.
  3. Lower Wear & Tear Rate – When the parts of the two wheelers are maintained well and given due care, they wear out at a slower rate. Cleaning and lubricating the vehicle parts extends its life while  changing the engine oil regularly reduces the wear and tear rate of engine components.
  4. Better fuel efficiency: the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best mileage is to have your bike serviced regularly. A common problem with the two wheelers is that the engine gets dirty quickly, which can cause you to spend more money on fuel. Servicing involves changing air filters, fuel filters, and oil once to increase your motorcycle’s fuel efficiency. The best way to reduce fuel consumption on your motorcycle is to ensure that it is running in top shape. This is achieved by maintaining your bike’s engine to the correct maintenance cycle. A not-so well maintained engine becomes inefficient, contributing to lower mileage numbers.
  5. Safety: Wherever you choose to ride, the key reason to keep your bike well maintained and serviced regularly is your safety. Sooner any mechanical problems are spotted and corrected, the safer your ride is going to be. Servicing your two wheeler regularly helps it to perform at its best and ensures that you can enjoy the safest, trouble-free riding.
  6. Better Resale Value: Regular servicing and maintenance of your two wheeler can offer you a better resale value. During the sale, the owner has an edge over others if the bike has complete service records. Buyers will be interested if the vehicle is in a good condition.

Getting your two wheeler serviced regularly is important, but getting it serviced at the right place is equally important.

Taking your two wheeler to a local garage in order to save some money & time is really a bad idea.

The biggest disadvantage of going to a local garage is that you just won’t know if they are using genuine parts or not. Most of the local garages use low-quality parts which can decrease the lifespan and performance of your vehicle. Lack of machines & equipments in a local garage can result in a poor quality of service.


Authorized service centers have technicians who are well trained and well qualified. They make use of genuine spare parts without fail. They keep track of the service schedule and know which part has to be repaired or changed at what point in time. They have proper machines and equipments to provide your vehicle with the best service possible.

 It is always recommended that you take your two wheeler to an authorized service center to get it serviced.

Saphire honda service centers are equipped with modern facilities and automated tools to render quick and quality service. Each service setup has a well-stocked accessories & spares counter with genuine parts from HMSI. All the Saphire honda service centers are headed by technically qualified and HMSI trained  Managers who are in turn assisted by HMSI trained service advisors & technicians with an aim to provide quality service.

For more information on our services, visit our website https://saphirehonda.com or contact us on 08068818881


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