Saphire Honda Introduces an Exciting new feature for the customers!

Gone are those times where the customer has to see the posters on the billboard and call that number to get the information that they seek. Information technology has evolved and everything is at the tip of your fingers or just a click away. The modern times that spends more time on the traffic and does not want to wait in queue to be answered by the customer service representative. Also do not have time to go through the entire website to get answers.

Saphire Honda, a leading Honda dealer in Bangalore has come up with a new feature on the website to help the customers find the answers faster and make the customer journey easy. Saphire Honda ChatBot, an artificial intelligence embedded in the Saphire Honda website ( has gone live for the customers since yesterday. The ChatBot pops up as soon as the customer visit the Saphire Honda website answering the queries related to sales, services, finance, Insurance. The chatBot is equipped to show the customers of the bikes and scooters of their choice. It also can show the different colors that the vehicles are available. Along with the image, it lists the specifications which helps customer to come to a conclusion about the model they would like to buy. The new feature address the customers by name and gives a feeling that someone is answering you at the other end. Yes, there is one at the other end however it’s an AI. An artificial intelligence that is programmed to answer your quires.

The Services section gives all the details related to the service station with address and telephone numbers. It also gives an option to leave your number to get a call back. You can opt for the pick and drop facility You can also send a mail via chat! without logging into the outlook or entering email address, How cool is that!

ChatBot is just the beginning. Saphire Honda is investing more in the technology to make the customer journey easy and exciting. In future the customer can await for more features that will help them to connect with Saphire Honda. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, most of the contact centers across the world stayed closed. Even today some of the contact centers aren’t open for their customers. Saphire Honda is ready for the future and has solved the customers issues over the IT infrastructure and have shown that Saphire Honda cares more for the customers than any other does.

Saphire Honda Introduces an Exciting new feature for the customers!
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